Jayna Anderson

Where did 5th Dimension come from?

5th Dimension uses all natural ingredients, void of any chemicals, synthetic fragrance, or additives. Each product has been tried, tested, and thoughtfully composed. Using a blend of natural butters and oils, herbal infusions and essential oils, 5th Dimension's skin care products focus on enriching your body's largest organ, the skin! These products encourage staying present with one's body. 

5th Dimension takes an otherworldly and exploratory approach to Self Care. This woman owned and operated business, was started by Jayna Anderson. Although her background is in fine arts, Jayna has been making balms, butters + scrubs since she was a child.

Jayna has received awards, research grants, and scholarship opportunities for her artistic research. Her passion for life is apparent in all that she does, from creating art to caring for her dog, 2 cats, and 5 chickens, running her two businesses or spending time with her family.

Influenced by dreamscapes, meditations, and a desire to heal wounds, both topical and metaphorical, Jayna started 5th Dimension to share her experience based knowledge.

The potentials that lie within everyone are often shrouded by responsibility, trauma, doubt, and systematic oppression. By creating an alternative realm for self exploration, Jayna found a way to heal her wounds and flourish. Her perspective, while conceptual and a bit sci-fi, formed the container for 5th Dimension to grow.

5th Dimension seeks to help others find a portal to an inner realm outside of the space-time fabric through encouraging self care practices. Or just share some really great skin care ;)