Nettle Hair Rinse

Stinging Nettle

Growing up, we avoided Nettle. I lived in the woods with a creek running through our backyard. Stinging Nettle grew abundant through the verdant woods. 7 hour itch, we notoriously called it. 

Dried Nettle

As an adult, I think back to the weeds I avoided. Broad leaf plantain, nettle, dandelion. These weeds are medicinal herbs! I suppose ignorance is not always bliss ;)

Recently, I have been drinking a nettle tonic to build my stamina. I throw it into soups and tea blends. Rich in anti-inflammatory flavonoids, vitamins D C + A, iron, calcium, phosphorus + magnesium (some of you may take magnesium for cramps, why not try nettle!), Nettle is a favorite herb in my house!

Once dried, ground or cooked, Nettle looses it’s sting. I have never had the pleasure of harvesting my own Nettle, as when I was near it... I was unaware of this wonderful medicinal herb. I look forward to saying thanks to the earth once I am able to harvest it some day!

I currently have a Nettle Oxymel on hand as well to take when I need nourishment. Water & Vinegar are the best ways to extract the mineral rich properties from Nettle.

Nettle Tea

While I thoroughly enjoy my nettle tonic, with it's light mineral green flavor, I am seriously loving it as a hair rinse. My hair feels hydrated and strong! Here is a recipe guideline for a Nettle hair rinse. I never measure when I do things like this, it's all based on intuition. But I spent the time to find proportions for those who prefer measurements.

Nettle Hair Rinse

1/2-1c. dried nettles

4c. spring or distilled water. no tap

1/4 c. apple cider vinegar (optional)

Brew the nettles in water with lid on and allow to boil for 15 minutes or so. Turn the heat off and let sit until cool to the touch. Your water should be a nice rich green color. Strain out the nettles. This dark tea will last for a week in the fridge. I take about 1 cup of this mixture, and mix with just under a 1/4 c. of apple cider vinegar before each use in the shower. Some days, I only use a splash, it depends on how dirty my hair is. I only add apple cider vinegar to the rinse a few times a week. I prefer to rinse with the nettle tea, and add the vinegar for extra cleansing as needed.

 I use the little jar in the photo above to mix a batch before each shower. If you shampoo + condition do so before you pour the rinse through your hair. Let sit for a few minutes. I don't always rinse it out, but if I do, I use cold water!

If you have chickens, they will love the leftover nettle. It also encourages egg production. If not, dispose into your compost. 

Chickens Nettle

Nettle stimulates your hair follicles, protects against dandruff, adds shine & makes your hair stronger. For an added bonus, add Horse Tail (Shave Grass) into the mix. Horse Tail is high in silica, fortifying your hair to be strong against damage.

After my nettle rinse, I lightly squeeze my hair with a towel, never rubbing or tousling my hair with the towel. I always finish with glazed hair oil, focusing on my ends.

As many of you know, I currently live in the Mojave desert of California. There is no Nettle. Nettle is no where. I purchased Nettle in bulk from Sun Trap Apothecary, located in the Hudson Valley. If you decided to buy Nettle for at home use, I highly suggest looking for a small herb farm over a large supplier.