10 uses for Solar + Lunar All Purpose Balms!

Lunar and Solar Essence All Purpose Balm

When I crafted Solar + Lunar Essence All Purpose Balms, I did so with the intention of a catch all product that is clean and nourishing for a variety of skin conditions. Both balms are wonderful travel companions and come in 2 oz containers for carry on! We do not need 10 products each with their own function. I created this list of ways to use Solar or Lunar Essence All Purpose Balms to highlight the versatility of each product, and to encourage you to find new and exciting ways to use products in your home.

First, a quick breakdown of the medicinal infusions in each balm. This is plant matter that soaks in oils for about 6 weeks to extract the medicinal benefits of the plants. Each Balm does have essential oils added to them as well, but the below are the infused oils.

Solar Essence All Purpose Balm- infused with calendula, (often referred to as a sunshine herb, think of it as energetically bright) which helps heal skin rashes, eczema, acne + other skin ailments. infused with chamomile which soothes and nourishes inflamed or irritated skin. Named Solar for its bright energy. Calendula is associated with the sun.
Lunar Essence All Purpose Balm- infused with mugwort which can help with acne, reduce inflammation and brighten complexion, infused with lavender which cleanses acne causing bacteria and soothes inflammation, and chamomile which soothes and nourishes skin. Named Lunar for its more mysterious, dreamy qualities. Mugwort is associated with the moon.

Here's a list of 10 uses for the Solar or Lunar Essence All Purpose Balms

1. Moisturizer-

The most popular use for lunar or solar essence. The herbal benefits to each balm allow it to moisturize while still cleansing skin of potentially irritating bacteria. This means no clogged pores and build up. Plus, a little goes a long way, so it should last quite a while in your cabinet!

2. Makeup Remover

One of the reasons the balms are so great for travel. Simple massage onto makeup covered areas and remove with an organic unbleached cotton pad or wash cloth. Even works on waterproof mascaras + all day lip stains! When using on eyes, do as you normal would and apply with your eyes closed before removing.

Don't use water when applying Oil Cleanser. Simply massage all over skin for a few minutes.

Don't use water when applying Oil Cleanser. Simply massage all over skin for a few minutes.

3. Face Wash

What? Face Wash? Have you heard of oil cleansing. If not, I'll break it down.

Oil dissolves Oil. Fact. When using oil to cleanse your face, you can break down dirt and bacteria clogging your pores, and replace that with a beneficial oil. This is a gentle and effective way of cleansing your skin. (This also is why I created Mystic Mud with the addition of some white clay for extra cleansing power!) When used consistently, oil cleansers can improve issues such as acne, dry skin, enlarged pores, black heads + more.

Remove Oil Cleanser with a warm wash cloth.

Remove Oil Cleanser with a warm wash cloth.

I recommend oil cleansing at night! Massage balms all over face for about 1-2 minutes. Using a warm/hot wash cloth that has been wrung out, cover face with the towel. Leave it there for about a minute. Wipe face clean. Repeat one or two more times if needed. You should feel hydrated afterwards. That thin layer of oil is beneficial! Some people have a week where skin might get worse- your simply just detoxing. 

Someone recently reached out because she was confused about why this product I recommended as a moisturizer for her could also be a face wash. I was on the toilet during the time of inquiry and didn't necessarily give the best response, which was "don't worry it's going to be a great moisturizer for you!". That question actually sparked the blog post... a moisturizing balm can also be an oil cleanser!

4. Lip Balm

Both are wonderful for hydrating chapped lips. They add a nice shine and smoothness without being sticky or hard to apply like some beeswax heavy chapsticks or lip balms. Bonus that Solar is infused with calendula which is great for speeding up cold sore recovery! 

5. Highlighter

I know highlighter is all of the rage right now. And trust me, I love a nice cheekbone highlight. But the chances of me putting on makeup most days are slim to none. If I'm seeking an energetic glow, I will simple swipe solar on my cheekbones, brow bone and nose if I am heading out. Or if I'm feeling tightly wound, I'll reach for the lunar to help ease a little tension too. It smells deliciously like lavender and always helps me relax from that extra coffee I shouldn't have drank!

6. After Sun Care

To all my coastal cuties, you need to keep a jar of solar in your fridge! Being out in the sun can dry out skin causing inflammation, or even break outs. After you get inside, take a nice shower and follow up with Solar! The calendula infused in it will help to deeply nourish and get to healing any damage caused from your day at the beach. Bonus if you keep it in the fridge because it feels unbelievably good when that cold balm hits hot skin!




7. Dream Enhancer

Lunar Essence is my best friend for vivid dreams. Lavender and Chamomile infusions are energetically calming, and Mugwort is a magical herb renowned for it's ability to enhance dreams! Added cedar essential oil stimulates the pineal gland which helps release melatonin. You're looking at a solid night's sleep full of wild dreams.

8. Cramp Soother

Infused with Mugwort, Lunar is wonderful for menstrual cramps. Mugwort promotes circulation, relaxes muscles, and clears stagnation of your menstrual cycle. Apply over uterine area, and massage for a few minutes to help relieve the tension of cramping. Lunar has Frankincense essential oil in it, which helps reduce inflammation when applied topically. Lavender improves blood flow, and it is relaxing which is wonderful for those PMS symptoms! Highly recommend taking a bath prior to application so your skin is soft, warm and open, allowing lunar to penetrate deeper.

9. Meditation Companion

Lunar Meditation

Lunar Essence has become a wonderful addition to my meditation practice. Before I settle into my breath work, I massage lunar onto my chest to help open my heart, on my temples to ease my thoughts, or on the bottoms of my feet if I had a long day in the metal shop. I've found that this intention of focusing on what needs relief has been beneficial for my practice. The energy and aroma in Lunar keeps me in touch with releasing.



10. Under Eye Pick Me Up

Computer Eye is the worst! There are days when I am e-mailing, editing, compiling documents, posting on my phone, filling orders for hours on end. My eyes get tired, my bags get bigger. I always, always keep solar essence all purpose balm by my side. Simply swipe under eyes (avoid your eye please), on eye lids or under eyebrows for a quick little pick me up. Soothe those tired eyes without a nap.

Have another use for Lunar or Solar Essence All Purpose Balm that we haven't mentioned? Leave a comment below!

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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