2018 Reflections, Open Letter

Dear 5th Dimensional Beings,

2018 has taught me a lot about running a business. One of the biggest lessons was sustainability. As I grew, I realized I have outgrown past ways of operating. Recognizing it and reacting to it are different. I recognized this months ago, and yet only now do I feel ready to make these changes. 

With grow often comes change. I will no longer be using plastic jar packaging for my products. I do have plastic packaging left in stock, and instead of wasting it, I am selling these products for discounted prices. This sale will continue until packaging has sold out.

This change is in an effort to minimize waste. Glass jars are easier to re-use, and with easily removable labels, they will quickly transform into a container for whatever you might need. They are less harmful to the environment. I chose my packaging with intention to reduce my impact on our plastic choked world. This change took me longer to put into play than I wish it had. With my decision to alter packaging comes another change. 

Inevitably, prices on some products will increase. This decision has been one of anxiety for me. I understand the need for affordable all natural skincare. But if I can not sustain myself or my business with the small profit margin that I currently maintain, there will be no products to share. In order to welcome growth, I need to adjust pricing to help me cover the costs of running a business.

Many companies with beautiful packaging, a marketing team and PR specialists are selling skincare loaded with beyond questionable ingredients that claim to fix whatever issue you are having at prices that are far beyond anything I would ever sell at. My price increase, while necessary, will not be unreasonable.

My approach to skincare is one that addresses skin and life as a whole. What are you eating, why are you stressed, how can we create a dialogue about understanding our skin’s reaction to life, environment and the loads of toxins we expose it to? My products are gentle and effective, relying on the power of medicinal herbs, oils, butters and hydrosols to heal, protect and nurture. They are effective because they don’t mask problems, they don’t plug your skin with more toxins needing to be filtered out, and they allow you to start understanding how and what your skin needs to be healthy for you.

I’m so excited that 5th Dimension grew as it has in less than one year of official business. It makes me happy to see so many wanting better for their skin. And as my sales grew, things changed. I’m seeing that I need help running this operation smoothly. If I don’t raise some of my prices accordingly, I can not provide work opportunities for others, and I will not have a healthy work environment for myself. 

side note- I do not and will not hire unpaid interns or apprentices. I have been on the other end of that deal multiple times, and while it always started out well intentioned, inevitably my labor was exploited for another’s monetary gain. I am happy to trade services and products for creative collaboration or other’s services, but I have found the “knowledge/experience” for labor exchange is something I do not have interest in participating in at the moment. A few dollars per product will over time provide me with the funding I need to grow this micro-operation to a small-operation. My growth will be stunted without hired help soon, and this foresight has ultimately reinforced my decisions.

I sincerely hope you will continue to support 5th Dimension through the changes. I continually support small businesses as often as possible. (In fact this Christmas, every gift I gave was handmade or purchased from a small shop!) I give my support to those who have to fight harder to prove they deserve it. I hope you will see the impact these changes will have not just on me, but on the small business/maker community at large. The more we chose to support small businesses with our dollars, the more others will take note and do the same. We can inspire a change that is less reliant on big business, less harmful to the planet and less wasteful.

As I come up on a year of business, I reflect on the amount I’ve grown. I never thought my Saturday afternoon passion of crafting skincare would turn into a full time business, or would reach so many new faces (literally). I am honored to be in the medicine cabinets of so many. I can assure that all improvements and changes are for the longevity, sustainability and overall health of 5th Dimension. I hope you’ll use this final mini sale to stock up on some favorite products, and perhaps share with a dear friend.

If you have any questions, as always, don’t be shy. 

Wishing all a happy, healthy new year.

Thank you,

Jayna Anderson

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