5th Dimension
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sunburst + gold

emerging anew, sparkling in

reflective pools of

sunburst and gold

Model: Amber Elise Jones

Photo + Concept: Vanessa Edwards



slipping through your finger tips

grasping at but never able to capture

the light

of future past

Photographer : Tom Wynne

Art Direction: Cara Anderson

Assist + Model: Madeleine Dietrich

worm moon

left abandoned in the dusty alleys

of forgotten desert retreats

glassy eyes and rosy noses

awakened by the bubbling of wildflowers

below the sandy surface

Worm Moon on the Rise

Model: Jayna Anderson

Makeup / Stylist / Photographer / Art: Cara Anderson

Mojave Portals

Portal to an

exploration of endless potential existence

striving for luminous transformation

within and beyond the limitations of time

Model: Cara Anderson

Shot + Styled: Jayna Anderson

Concept: The Anderson Sisters