Spirit Speak x 5th Dimension Dream Tote

Spirit Speak x 5th Dimension Dream Tote


The art for this tote was drawn by Mary Evans of Spirit Speak exclusively for 5th Dimension. Inspired by dream landscapes, this tote is perfect for carrying you through the day and into the night.

I met with Mary in the Desert this past summer to discuss this project. We chatted over my ideas for the pieces. It was synergistic that Mary’s creative inspiration at the time happened to fall right in line with my project ideas. We spoke of portals, dreams, hypnosis. Mary mentioned Dream Temples, and started to sketch as she spoke of her vision. I instantly flicked back in time to a vision from my formative years, of a repeated hypnosis.

After seeing a hypnotherapist as a young child, I would listen to the recording of our session each night before bed, falling into a hypnotic state before dozing off. To enter hypnosis as a child, I would first envision myself going through a routine each night, as instructed by the therapist’s recording. Each night I envisioned myself descending a grandiose staircase flanked by beautiful pillars. As I listened to the recording, I would slip deeper into a hypnotic state, absorbing the recorded words of my hypnotherapist.

The imagery on this tote is referential to this hypnodreamscape, where self exploration and acceptance takes place. Traveling up a spiral staircase to a dream temple filling your vessel of self love within the safe boundaries of your hypnodreamscape.

When researching Dream Temples, I learned visitors of these temples would, on occasion, be hypnotized and their dreams would be analyzed as a mental health service.

And of course, this tote is also a tote. It’s great for books, laptops, quick produce runs and all the other things totes are great for.

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