Lover's Edition Oil

Lover's Edition Oil


Lover’s Edition Oil is an oil for head to toe care. Share with a partner for a Heart Opening + Loving Massage Oil. Warm hands together, apply a dropper full of oil, and massage thoroughly into the body. Infused with Organic Rose Petals for Love + Heart Opening energetics. Essential Oil Free, Lover’s Edition issafe for erotic massage. If you would like Jasmine Oil or Cedar added to the oil, please make a note of it at checkout.

This oil makes an absolutely fantastic facial oil. If you like sub rosa, but are looking for something Essential Oil free that’s luxuriously hydrating, Lover’s Edition is for you.

Rose is used to promote Heart Opening, Self + Shared Love. With a long running history linking rose to romance and love, the Rose’s beauty is not without recognizing the thorns. Boundaries are an important and beautiful aspect of the Rose. Rose Medicine can shift perspectives, allowing for acceptance and love to blossom. Use with a trusted love one to enjoy a deep connection, or incorporate into your self love practice to encourage grounded love.

2 oz glass botle with dropper. Rosehip Seed Oil*, Jojoba Oil*, Rosa Sp*^

Infused with Organic Rose Petals, strained and filled with roses from my garden. Petals were freshly dried after a light rain, where the air was fragrant with the aromatics of rose.

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