Enter The Dream Realm Gift Set

Enter The Dream Realm Gift Set


The Enter the Dream Realm set covers your basis for a night of deep sleep and vivid dreams. The ideal gift for your favorite big dreamer. Each set comes with a Dream Realm Cosmetic Bag designed by Mary Evans of Spirit Speak, Astral Whip Herbal Body Butter, Lunar Essence All Purpose Balm, + Dream Sachet.

Astral Whip Body Butter is a deeply nourishing herbal butter with herbs that relax for a deep night sleep. A wonderfully herbaceous aroma evokes vivid dreams, or can be used in astral projection practices.

Lunar Essence balm serves a multitude of purposes. Massage onto temples, chest, and back of neck to slip into a deeply nourished sleep. Full rested nights will provide energy, concentration, and joy in your waking life. As you welcome sleep more thoroughly, take note of enhanced dreams.

An herbal dream sachet filled with lavender + mugwort to relax into sleep, and slip easily into vivid or lucid dreaming as you rest.

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