Radiant Rose Gift Set

Radiant Rose Gift Set


Create the home spa experience of your rose colored dreams with the Radiant Rose Gift Set! Filled with 4 herbal skincare remedies to keep you or a loved one glowingly hydrated this holiday season.

Set comes with Dream of Roses Cosmetic Bag designed by Mary Evans of Spirit Speak, a Radiant Rose Detoxifying Face Mask, Rose Water, Sub Rosa Serum, and a Lavender Rose Herb Sachet for bath or facial steam.

Start by steaming with the soothing and cleansing facial steam of rose + lavender. pat dry, and allow your face to come back to room temperature before applying the radiant rose face mask, made with nutrient, anti-oxidant rich rose, hibiscus + rosehip. mix your mask with the provided rose water for the ultimate rosey relaxation! remove mask with a warm wash cloth, spritz all over with rose water and moisturize with sub rosa for the ultimate at home spa day!

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Gift Set Includes

Radiant Rose Mask 2 oz

Sub Rose Serum .5 oz

Rose Water Mist .5 oz

Lavender + Rose Muslin Reusable Sachet

Cosmetic Bag with Boxy Bottom - 7.5” x 5.125” x 1.5”

A typed set of use instructions to make at home spa day a breeze!