Serpentine Soothing Face Mask

Serpentine Soothing Face Mask


loaded with naturally nourishing, anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory ingredients, Serpentine is a gentle mask that can be used during breakout to reduce inflammation.

This herbal blend of nettle, matcha, spirulina, + lavender is naturally anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and loaded with anti-oxidants! By removing impurities from the skin, and providing a nutrient rich surface for the skin to absorb, Serpentine tunes down inflammation and irritation. Thanks to our dear friends matcha + spirulina, Serpentine counters puffiness and rosacea too! Added oat flour serves as humectant so that Serpentine doesn’t strip you of moisture as it absorbs bacteria, dead skin + clogged sebum.

For best results, drink a large glass of water while Serpentine dries. Remove with warm wash cloth, cleanse with Wanderer toner + moisturize with Sub Rosa!

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Kaolin Clay, Oat Flour*, Matcha*, Nettle, Lavender *, Spirulina *

2 oz PET (BPA free) jar