Botanical Blends

Botanical Blends


Use these Botanical Blends for Ritual Baths or weekly Facial Steams. This is a wonderful gift for any loved one. I like to think of Ritual Baths as big, warm hugs, and Facial Steams as a big energetic cleanse.

There are two types of Botanical Blends available:

Lunar (rose, mugwort, yarrow, nettle, calendula) is a wonderful companion for your moon time. Take a ritual bath with Lunar to ease cramps, relax muscles, and feed your body. Anti-bacterial, loaded with vitamins and phytonutrients, this botanical blend can be used weekly to relax and recharge or in ritual with your cycle. do not use if you are pregnant, as mugwort is known to help pelvic blood flow.

Soothe (calendula, comfrey, lavender, marshmallow root, chamomile) is a wonderful blend of hydrating, soothing and healing botanicals. A wonderful bath for dry skin, and a nice steam for skin needing extra love. Anti-bacterial and packed with phytonutrients, Soothe will make cold weather bathing that much more enjoyable for all skin types.

Each blend has two potential uses, and comes with instructions on how to use.

Face Steams The botanicals release their healing properties through the steam. As the steam opens your pores, you skin welcomes the benefits of these botanical blends on a deeper level. Use weekly to decongest pores + sinuses. if you are severely inflamed, steaming can exasperate this.

Rituals Baths are a wonderful addition to your wellness care routine. Bring intention to this bath, as you allow the medicinal botanicals heal your skin. Inhale the gentle aromatics of pure potent plant magic. Sooth sore muscles, cleanse your personal energy, and increase circulation.

Each bag comes in a 4 oz rice paper bag. 1 oz by weight. 6-8 uses per bag instructions for use included

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